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  • すくもの俵詰め
  • 藍製品の例
  • 藍染めT シャツ

This website was established to share information about Tokushima Prefecture, the "birthplace of ai indigo.
We respect the culture and technology of aizome indigo dyeing using traditional dye made from “sukumo”.
We will also develop new fields of applied indigo products using Tokushima ai indigo, with a view of reviving and further revitalizing the ai indigo industry in Tokushima Prefecture.
We will continue to strive to enhance the contents of this website.

What is ai indigo?

  • Basic Knowledge of Ai Indigo
  • How ai Indigo is Produced
  • Ai Indigo Attractiveness
  • Ai Indigo Utilization
  • Ai Indigo from a Global Perspective

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