Tokyo Permanent Exhibition Hall “Indigo Promotion Month” Special Exhibition of Tokushima Prefecture LED-Applied Products & More ~”Modern Aizome Indigo Dying Exhibition” and “Shikoku University Blue 2@Tokushima Project Introduction Exhibition” (Linked Project)~

Awa Ai Indigo became most prosperous from the end of the Edo period to the Meiji period, and was the largest specialty product of Awa (past name of Tokushima). Due to its cultural background, the development of products incorporating Ai Indigo in Tokushima still remains strong.

At this “Modern Aizome Indigo Dying Exhibition”, pieces will be displayed that show the traditional beauty of Aizome Indigo Dying, with a modern twist. Modern arrangements that have been born by using traditional Ai Indigo and through new challenges will be on display.

In collaboration with this event, the “Shikoku University Blue 2@Tokushima Project”, which is engaged in activities and research that works to create new value for Ai Indigo and LEDs, will also have a display that shows the techniques needed for Ai Indigo items as well as the wonder of Awa Ai Indigo.

  1. Exhibition Period
    July 13th, 2023 (Thur.) – August 8th, 2023 (Tue.)
    *The building is closed on Wednesdays. (Excluding public holidays)
  2. Time
    10:30 AM – 6:30 PM
  3. Entrance Fee
  4. Location
    Living Design Center OZONE 7F
    blue2@Tokushima LED∝Ai Indigo
    (Shinjuku Park Tower, 3-7-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)
  5. Products on Display
    • Awagami Factory: Art Panel
    • IKAWA sculpture: Dumbbells Carved from Wood, Modern Shinto Altar Set
    • S&F Associates: Awa Ai Glasses Frames Fascino Ribelle
    • Onishi Toki: Otaniyaki Pottery
    • Kinuya: Natural Aizome Indigo Dyed Leather Kinuya Indigo
    • Workshop Flora: Yusanbako Lunch Boxes
    • ghoe: Aizome Indigo Dyed Leather Products
    • Seibu Wood: KIYOMIZU
    • Dairi FPC: Aizome Indigo Dyed Building Materials
    • Doing Now: Ai Indigo Hand Balm
    • Tortoise: Aizome Indigo Dyed Silk Stole
    • Nagao Orifu: Aizome Indigo Dyed Tote Bag
    • Flower Shop Kei: Corsage
    • Bon-Arm: Indigo Herb Tea
    • Mai Kobo: Aizome Indigo Dyed Dishes
    • Miyazaki Chair Factory: UNI-Master d.Kai kristiansen
    • Mori Kougei: Aizome Indigo Dyed Wall Clocks and Trays
    • Yoshimoku: SOUNDFLY SJ (Awa Shijira-ori)
    • Reterace: Ai Indigo Designed Concrete
    (Warning) Depending on the circumstances, items on display are subject to change.

    *PDF Download (Japanese Only)
  6. Inquiries
    Living Design Center OZONE TEL:03-5322-6500
    Futuristic Industrial Strategies Division, Commerce, Industry, Labor and Tourism Department, Tokushima Prefectural Government TEL:088-621-2324