Blue 2

“The Eternal Water City”, Tokushima. There is a deeply engrained cultural fascination and attraction to the color indigo blue “Ai” that continues to this day, connecting both history and everyday lifestyle for the people of Tokushima. One humble drop of this “JAPAN BLUE”, as it is known, pulled from ancient times acts as a symbol of pride for Japan in the modern world.
Tokushima is the birthplace of LED and the leading-edge lighting industry gathers there.
Direct from the source of JAPAN BLUE, in Tokushima, the “Blue2@Tokushima Project” has been created to captivate audiences around the world.
The Blue2@Tokushima Project utilizes locally sourced LEDs, timber and metals with the help of international designers to create goods that blend in with modern lifestyles around the globe. We hope to inspire fascination in people by introducing the traditional skills and techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation, a first-hand experience of Universal Design and an introduction to a host of new structures and forms.
We wish to share these innovative products, drawn from the history and imagination of these craftsmen, with the world, with your household, and with you.

Name of insert : TOKUSHIMA JAPAN
Hall : 5A
Stand(s) number : O46 - P45

Tokushima booth

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