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Yurika: Ai Indigo Series 〈Shining/Japanese/Sea〉
Tray/Coaster/Chopstick Rest Set from 27,000 yen

Products & Services

Yurika is an original brand of Kono Shinku Press Co.,Ltd.
Kono Shinku Press is a company with a long history, being founded in 1969.
From the beginning to the present, we have been processing veneers of various kinds from famous woods.

We would like to apply the reliable technology we have cultivated through years of experience in a new form to products that are more familiar to everyone.
With this in mind, we launched our original brand “Yurika-(由理夏)”.

Business Information

Office name:Kono Shinku Press Co.,Ltd.
Representative:Masaya Kono
Contact:Masaya Kono
Office location:466-1 iio, Kamojima-cho, Yoshinogawa City, Tokushima, Japan
TEL:+81 883-24-1756

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