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Awa leather series, dyed with ai indigo from 4,000 yen

Products & Services

Tokushima is famous for its ai indigo.
Tokushima’s sukumo, called Awa ai indigo, has supported Japan’s ai indigo culture.
In recent years, ai indigo has been in decline due to synthetic indigo, but the natural orientation of ai indigo and its beauty, known as “Japan Blue,” have led to a reevaluation of the merits of this indigo.
We want to expand the possibilities of aizome indigo dyed products, which have been favored mainly by the elderly, by making their appeal known to younger people.
This Awa Leather is the embodiment of this desire.

Business Information

Office name:KUROKAWA
Representative:Tomoyuki Kuroji
Contact:Tomoyuki Kuroji
Office location:5-54-11 Naka Showa-machi, Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture,Japan
TEL:+81 88-635-0604

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