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YES&Co. Ai&i Inc.

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Create your organic lifestyle with 「ai」

Products & Services

”Think about future children!”
Our company’s theme is the environment and comfort.
Our primary goal is to utilize abandoned farmland in the south of Tokushima Prefecture, which is rich in nature, to grow ai indigo using sustainable farming methods, and to have ai indigo dyes made by legendary ai indigo masters. Based on this, we are working together with customers in Japan and overseas to create a lifestyle with ai indigo.

Business Information

Office name:YES&Co. Ai&i Inc.
Representative:Makito Makka Yamamoto
Contact:Makito Makka Yamamoto
Office location:36-1 Kakusaka Tenjin-gou, Kaiyou-cho, Kaifu-gun, Tokushima 775-0506, Japan
TEL:+81 90-1442-0043

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