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Tortoise, Inc.

Tortoise, Inc.


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Amabe Ai Indigo waffle stomach band 
Amabe Ai Indigo waffle leg warmers 
Amabe Ai Indigo silk scarves 
Amabe Ai Indigo somen noodles 
Amabe Ai Indigo stem Tea

Products & Services

Tortoise Co., Ltd., a sewing company founded in 1897 in Kaiyo-cho, Tokushima Prefecture, upholds the philosophy that “underwear is the second skin” and offers indigo-dyed products that are gentle on both the environment and the human body.
Our product lineup includes original body warmers produced in-house and other items incorporating natural indigo dyeing.As a sewing company, we value the fundamentals of manufacturing that have been passed down from previous generations.
Our skilled local staff meticulously handcraft each product, one by one. We use indigo leaves grown without pesticides on a contract farm in Kaiyo-cho to create the dye for our indigo dyeing process, which is free from the use of chemicals.
Every product we sell is individually hand-dyed.

Business Information

Office name:Tortoise, Inc.
Representative:Yorihito Kameda
Contact:Maki Nakano
Office location:1-1, Nakasu Dotegai, Osato, Kaiyo-cho, Kaifu-gun, Tokushima, Japan
TEL:+81 884-73-3110

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