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“Indaco” aizome indigo dyed leather products

Products & Services

ghoe, which has a workshop in Tokushima, the home of aizome indigo dyeing, has been researching and developing “aizome indigo dyed Italian leather” for many years.
The finest Italian cowhide is dyed with “natural lye fermentation and construction aizome indigo dyeing” by the Furusho Dyeing Factory, which has continued since the Meiji era, and post-treated with an original recipe.
Fully handmade and fully hand-stitched.
You can enjoy the beautiful changes over time that only the finest leather and Awa Ai Indigo can provide.

Business Information

Office name:ghoe
Representative:Ryusuke Taoka
Contact:Ryusuke Taoka
Office location:3-10 Suketobashi, Tokushima City,Tokushima Prefecture,Japan
TEL:+81 88-635-8666

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