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Kinuya Indigo[kinuya]

Kinuya Indigo[kinuya]

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Coin purse: ¥8,400
SHIBORI long wallet: ¥50,000

Products & Services

The beautiful and harmonious colors of Japan and nature are created by dyeing high quality genuine leather with ai indigo, a natural dyeing process known as aizome.
The beauty of aizome indigo dyeing lies in the brilliance of the color, the subtle irregularity, and the depth of color. Aizome indigo dyeing produces many expressions depending on the concentration of the dye, and each color is given a name based on Japanese sensibilities.
”AWA-AI” is made by soaking natural leather in ai indigo dye and exposing it to the air for several times to add color. The more it is used, the more it develops new colors together with the user.

Business Information

Office name:Kinuya Indigo[kinuya]
Representative:Akihiro Ymada
Contact:Akihiro Ymada
Office location:2-35-1 Terashima-Honcho Nishi, Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture,Japan
TEL:+81 88-622-1745

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