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Aizome indigo dyed washi: 5,000 yen

Products & Services

Dyeing washi with ai indigo/
At Awagami Factory, the idea of aizome indigo dyeing washi was conceived by Minoru Fujimori, the predecessor of Awagami Factory. Unlike cloth, even the strongest washi will tear if it is soaked in an ai indigo solution or washed in water many times.
Together with his wife, Tsune Fujimori, they developed aizome indigo dyed washi to meet modern needs and stabilized its quality through various trials and errors, creating many unique patterns. The technique has been passed down through the generations, and Awagami’s aizome indigo dyed washi is used in a variety of settings as we pursue more beautiful materials that are more in demand with the times.

Business Information

Office name:Awagami Factory
Representative:Youichi Fujimori
Contact:The Hall of Awa Japanese Handmade Paper
Office location:141 Kawahigashi, Yamakawa-cho, Yoshinogawa City, Tokushima Prefecture,Japan
TEL:+81 883-42-6120

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